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BNLD General Assembly 2022: Welcome to the new President

Ивана Велкова
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BNLD General Assembly 2022: Welcome to the new President

The Annual General Assembly of the Balkan Network for Local Democracy took place on the 22nd of June 2022 in Novi Sad, Serbia. On the agenda were the election of the President, as well as the strategic accountability principles of the Network. The Delegate of Local Democracy Agency Zavidovici, BiH, Sladjan Ilic, previously having sat in the Governing Board, was elected as the new President of BNLD.

A different discussion highlighted that after the long period of COVID – 19 outbreaks, there was a generation shift in our organization and in civil society. Changes are constant and fast, on the personal, social, and organizational levels. The members agreed that a good quality and solid base for a functional registered organisation was laid out, and that the Network is ready for bigger projects.

It was pointed out that the creation of our digital tools and development of our Network presence is a strong point and that the Network needs to continue working in that direction so as to lead to more sustainable projects.

BNLD, since its creation in 2019, has been actively promoting regional cooperation, local democracy, and peace and reconciliation in the Western Balkan countries.

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