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Celebrating 30 Years of Local Democracy Agencies in Kosovo

Ивана Велкова
Celebrating 30 Years of Local Democracy Agencies in Kosovo

On 15th November 2023, LDA Kosovo organised a conference in the Municipality of Peja (Kosovo), centred around the European Label of Governance Excellence Programme, funded by the Council of Europe, and marking the 30 years of Local Democracy Agencies in the Western Balkans.

Titled “Successful Story from Conflict Aftermath Toward European Integration,” panelists, including Ms. Xhenet Syka, Director of the Municipal Department for Culture, Youth, and Sports in the Municipality of Peja, Mr. Maurizio Camin, Director of Associazione Trentino con i Balcani, and Mr. Vullnet Sanaja, Director of Anibar, discussed their collaboration with the LDAs. They highlighted their longstanding partnership with LDA Kosovo, dating back to before its official opening in 2011. The panel was moderated by Ms. Sanja Trpkovska project manager working in ALDA Skopje Office.

Conference participants and guests took a retrospective journey, delving into implemented projects and their impact on the citizens of Peja. ALDA and LDA Kosovo have played a pivotal role in constructing bridges between municipalities, advocating for good governance and local democracy not just in Kosovo but across the entire Balkan region. This task was not always straightforward, given the evolving society; however, the outcomes are evident, showcased by the robust connections formed through partnerships between organisations and local authorities.

These collaborations will persist in the future, forging even stronger ties between citizens of the Balkans, the EU Neighborhood, and beyond.

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