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ELoGE - European label for governance excellence

Ивана Велкова
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ELoGE - European label for governance excellence

With the accreditation of the Council of Europe, ALDA Skopje implements the programme of The European Label of Governance Excellence (ELoGE) in North Macedonia, Croatia, and Kosovo, and is part of the consortium implementing the program in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The European Label of Governance Excellence (ELoGE) is awarded to municipalities which have achieved a high level of good governance measured against a Council of Europe benchmark.

ELoGE can be awarded to municipalities of Council of Europe member States which achieve a high standard of governance, as measured against a national (regional) benchmark which is equivalent to the European Benchmark of the Center of Expertise and based on the Twelve Principles of Good Democratic Governance.

The ELoGE programme is designed to support municipalities to enhance their performance and provide high quality services in an improved system of local self-government.

In the process of applying for the ELoGE, the local government unit carries out self-assessments, conducts surveys among residents as well as employees and councilors, and also collects documentation allowing to check whether the self-assessment is justified.

The process of self-assessment is ongoing in more than 40 municipalities in North Macedonia, Croatia and Kosovo, and 12 in Bosnia & Herzegovina, while the awarding ceremony is planned for the period of September-November.

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