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Local Economic Monitor - The role of local self-government in encouraging entrepreneurship

Ивана Велкова
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Local Economic Monitor - The role of local self-government in encouraging entrepreneurship

During the first half of 2020, in the context of dealing with the topic of European integration in Serbia, the negotiation Chapter 20 - Entrepreneurship and industrial policy, LDA Knjaževac, in cooperation with LDA Subotica, implemented the "Local Economic Monitor" project.

As a result of the implemented project activities, the publication "Chapter 20 Open: Challenges and Perspectives of Local Economic Development" was created. The authors of this publication are prof. Dr. Sanja Filipović, scientific advisor of the Institute of Social Sciences from Belgrade, and Stanka Parać Damjanović, director of the LDA Subotica.

In the search for good practices, the authors paid special attention to those examples whose holders or partners are local civil society organizations, associations that are drivers of local community development and economic empowerment in numerous urban and rural areas. Therefore, the research included local governments from the north and south-east of Serbia: Knjaževac, Zaječar, Sokobanja, Aleksinac, Svrljig, Subotica, Kanjiža, Ruma, Sombor and Stara Pazova.

This kind of guide through Chapter 20 was prepared within the framework of the program for Strengthening the capacity of civil society organizations for active participation in the negotiations on accession to the European Union (EU) through certain working groups of the National Convention on the EU "Prepare for participation - P2P" jointly implemented by the Center for European policies - CEP, National Alliance for Local Economic Development - NALED and Center for Contemporary Politics - CSP.

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