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My city - Youth city

Ивана Велкова
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My city -  Youth city

The event  "My city – Youth city" brought together all stakeholders (representatives of the Municipality, public institutions, non-governmental sector, as well as youth representatives) who work with young people and seek to improve their position in society together to discuss the current situation and to present some good practices in the local community, including several initiatives that have been implemented by young people.

The project “My city – Youth City vol.3” was implemented by the Local Democracy Agency Zavidovici and is financed by the Federal Ministry of Culture and Sport. Also, this project continues from the work of the previously implemented volume 1 and volume 2 of the project.

The event was an opportunity for LDA Zavidovici to present the results of a survey on the needs and problems of young people in their local community. By presenting the results of the survey to decision-makers, all stakeholders had the opportunity to see in which areas of implementation of the local Youth Strategy is lagging behind, and which segments of the Strategy need to be improved.

With such events, LDA Zavidovici wants to improve the action towards young people both by decision-makers and by the non-governmental sector that works with young people, but also to provide young people with time and space to present the problems they face in their daily lives.

This event allowed the LDA to share with stakeholders further steps to improve the situation of young people. Some of the conclusions were that such events should be organized continuously and further publicized, to introduce a Youth Officer in municipal government structures to deal exclusively with young people. Also, young people must be more actively involved in creating a budget for youths which will make a purposeful allocation of funds from the municipal budget, and since youth activism is growing, this wave of activism should be used in the best way.

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