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New Intercultural Concept - Together we create amazing artcrafts and music

New Intercultural Concept -  Together we create amazing  artcrafts and music

A series of interactive creative workshops and the organization of a concert of young musicians and bands from Subotica and the region were the part of a project called „New Intercultural Concept“ implemented by LDA Subotica.

“New Intercultural Concept” project was designed as a coherent set of social and artistic events, workshops and discussions aimed to improve the diversity and inclusive practices in the City of Subotica, Serbia in the field of enhancing ethnic and minority equality principles through promotion of intercultural dialogue and exchange interwoven with art and music.

Through several activities this project has helped to develop public space and tools for enhancing cultural participation with specific focus on youth groups in the local multi-cultural community. “New Intercultural Concept” also have helped to raise public awareness of ethnic and cultural diversity as a source of innovation, creativity and growth.

As part of the program (Intercultural City – Urban artistic performance), local grafitti artists from Subotica have decorated the Open University building with a mural with motives of Ferenc Raichle Park and the surrounding buildings.

On the occation of the marking of Day of Europe, LDA Subotica organized a concert entitled „Rock in Park“ on May 10th 2019 in the Ferenc Raichle Park in Subotica. The following bands performed at the concert: Last Hope (Sofia, Bulgaria), Straight Mickey and the Boyz (Belgrade, Serbia), Nafta (Subotica, Serbia), The Valley (Subotica, Serbia), D ZOO (Subotica, Serbia), Ana Never (Subotica, Serbia) and Neprijatno mi je (Subotica, Serbia).

One of the project activities also was the Round table discussion on cultural participation, where the importance of cross-sectoral partnerships for the development of local community was acknowledged. Also, the intercultural approaches need to be nurtured and further exercised in the city of Subotica for the benefit of all citizens. Space and possibilities for intercultural participation has to be created and widened for our multicultural local community, especially for young people.

“New Intercultural Concept” was part of the small grants programme of EU funded project „Divided Past Joint Future“ implemented by the coordinator OKC Banja Luka.

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