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Open Local Assemblies - When young people discuss youth problems with decision makers

Ивана Велкова
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Open Local Assemblies -  When young people discuss youth problems with decision makers

High school students from Zavidovici had an opportunity to talk with the representatives of the City Council, with young councilors and with the youth officer of the Municipality of Zavidovići within the “Open Local Assemblies”.

This activity was organized by the Local Democracy Agency Zavidovici, in cooperation with the City of Zavidovici.

During this activity, young people were introduced to the competencies, ways, instruments and mechanisms they can use in order to solve the issues and problems of young people in the community. Also, during this activity, young people presented to decision makers certain problems that they face in everyday life.

The Chairwoman of the City Council and the councilors who took part in this activity told the young people that they could address their problems to them and that they would use every opportunity to talk about the problems of young people at the session of the City Council.

The activity "Open Local Assemblies" increased knowledge and understanding of institutions, institutional procedures, transparency requirements, and efficient accountability practices. Also, it provided young people with the opportunity to openly and freely discuss with decision makers about their problems.

This was also an opportunity for the councilors to speak with young people, to share their problems and challenges and find common view on how they can solve some issues that youth are dealing with in their everyday life.

An event called "Open Local Assemblies / My City - Youth City" was a part of the activities within the project "Regional Youth Compact for Europe” which is funded by the European Union.

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