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Youth taking over

Youth taking over

The doors of the Municipality of Niksic were opened for the fifth time for the 25 young people of the School of Economics and Hospitality who had a chance to talk with the local secretaries about many themes.

Within the "Youth Takeover Day" activity the students had the opportunity to ask questions to the secretaries of the Secretariat for Youth, Sports, Culture and Social Welfare, as well as to the deputies of the Niksic Municipal Council about some new projects and investments that are planned.

This time, with the support of the professors of the secondary School of Economics, Olivera Lučić and Vesna Josipović, and the active Parliament of the School of Economics, young people had the opportunity to ask questions to the secretaries of the secretariat for: youth, sports, culture and social care; spatial planning and environmental protection; projects and investments of the Municipality of Niksic, but also to the members of the Assembly of the Municipality of Niksic.

The activity "Youth Takeover Day" was implemented by the Agency for Local Democracy Niksic (LDA Niksic) and realized within the Cooperazione Montenegro project financed by the city of Monfalcone and the region of Friuli Venetia Giulia and is established since the year 2018.

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