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WB cities creating more opportunities for young people

WB cities creating more opportunities for young people

WB cities creating more opportunities for young people

Project starting date: 01/01/2023

Project ending date: 31/08/2023

Donor: Western Balkan Fund, co-funded by the European Union

Countries involved: Serbia, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Geographic Area: Western Balkans

Lead partner: Local Democracy Agency Subotica

Other partners: Local Democracy Agency Montenegro, Local Democracy Agency Prijedor

Project at a glance: The project is designed as a combined set of capacity building, regional best practice exchange, and joint pilot actions to mobilize youth groups, young IT professionals, IT clusters, tourist and cultural operators, local youth offices, and local public authorities in three cities to work together and contribute to the creative industry and youth entrepreneurship development. The proposal incorporates the transferring of best practices with OPENS, Novi Sad as the organization with relevant expertise in city branding within the Novi Sad EU Youth Capital 2019. The project addresses some of the key challenges relevant to the WB region - youth employment, brain drain, and a general abstention of youth from participation in local public life. Therefore, the focus is on a youth-friendly innovative approach to cultural tourism, resources, and products. A wide scope of digital tools, social media campaigns, creative artistic expressions, and authentic youth narratives from both urban and rural communities will be employed for innovating the approaches to youth participation in inclusive development.

Project’s objectives: Overall objective: To contribute to empowering the grassroots youth groups, young artists, IT clusters, and youth workers through the promotion of creative industry and entrepreneurship.

Specific objectives: SO1: To empower CSOs and youth grassroots organizations to engage jointly with local public authorities in promoting cultural heritage and tourism; SO2: To promote innovation initiatives in the region through the exchange of best practices in youth cultural participation and creative industry.

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