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WB Cultural heritage in 24 hours

WB Cultural heritage in 24 hours

Timeline : February 2020- December 2020
Countries involved    North Macedonia, Serbia
Geographic Area     Western Balkans
Lead partner: Balkan Network for Local democracy
Other partners: Children’s Center Zajecar, Serbia


Project at a glance:

The “WB Cultural heritage in 24 hours” project aims to promote local cultural heritage in a unique way by creating short video 24 hours’ tours of different cities in Serbia and Macedonia. The tours will show the spectators a different view of the cities, more private and reflecting the local community in the real light. 2 teams of vloggers will be trained to discover the hidden cultural heritage and create short promotional materials which can be shared with the world. 

Project’s objectives    

-    Creation of innovative tools to promote local cultural heritage both tangible and intangible
-    Promoting local cultural heritage
-    Raise awareness for local touristic spots

Contact person: Filip Budanovic,

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