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Youth Ambassadors of Non Formal Learning

Youth Ambassadors of Non Formal Learning

Timespan: 01/11/2019 – 31/10/2021

Donor: Erasmus+ (KA2 – Cooperation for innovation and the exchange of good practices – Capacity Building in the field of Youth)

Supported by: Institute for Youth Development KULT

Supported by: Federal Ministry of Culture and Sports

Applicant: Local Democracy Agency Mostar (LDA Mostar)

Partners: Društvo za razvijanje prostovoljnega dela Novo mesto (Novo mesto / Slovenia); The Future Now Association (Sofia / Bulgaria); Kosovo Center of Diplomacy (Prishtina / Kosovo*); United Societies of Balkans (Thessaloniki / Greece); Youth 4 Society (Tirana / Albania); Center for Intercultural Dialogue (Kumanovo / North Macedonia); Asocijacija za demokratski prosperitet – ZID (ADP-ZID) (Podgorica / Montenegro); NGO IUVENTA (Šabac / Serbia); Turk Girisim ve Is Dunyasi Konfederasyonu (Istanbul / Turkey); TDM 2000 (Cagliari / Italy).



The project is based upon Non Formal Education and is working to develop the new methodology of the Youth Ambassadors of Non Formal Education, trained youngsters which can use peer-to-peer approach providing their experience to inspire other young people and relevant stakeholders in giving a higher credit and a better use to NFL experiences.


General Objective:

The project aims at promoting participation in Non Formal Education activities and the power of validation and recognition of competences acquired outside the formal education environment through an innovative methodology.The project wants to take into consideration what has been done so far within this area, research for best practices and successful stories, and get ready to go on the field to reinforce the importance of Non Formal Learning.


Specific Objectives:

  • To research, collect, analyze and spread existing best practices and policies in the field of validation and recognition of NFL, as well as successful stories of young people, in the 11 countries participating in the project
  • To train 22 “Young Ambassadors” to promote the role of NFL in the development of competences starting from real experiences on the field, successful stories and dedicated methods
  • To create a network of Young Ambassadors of NFL to set up the base for sustainable work in the field of promotion of NFL, setting up a platform for sharing of stories, challenges, ideas and best practices
  • To produce a complete methodology for the “Young Ambassadors of NFL” concept, including a dedicated manual, a catalogue of successful stories, online and offline tools, and methods for facilitation of dedicated workshops
  • To develop a set of recommendations to facilitate the creation of new policies for the validation and recognition of competences acquired outside the formal education environment, involving public institutions, private sector and civil society


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