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Network for Development

Network for Development

The local Development Network was initiated as a mechanism for consulting and participation of civil society in public policies, that contributes to regular communication with local self-government on issues of importance for local economic development, as well as education and capacity building of Network members for joint project preparation in the EU programming period.  

The initiative was intended for the development of organizational capacities of CSOs operating at the local level, as well as the contribution to the improved system of good governance, effective and responsible functioning of local self-government, in particular:
- Strengthening the capacity of CSOs to build a thematic network for the development of local self-government 
- Establish a development network by adopting a joint mission 
-Defining an agreement on cooperation between the Development Network and local self-government 
- Strengthening human resources and institutional capacities of local self-government for the new IPA Program period 2014-2020 
-Improved coordination for joint development of projects within the new available EU funds for CSOs and local governments
 –Promotion and informing the local public about the activities of the development network in terms of implementing the strategy of sustainable development
 -Improvement of informing, consulting and participation of CSOs in the functioning of local self-government

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