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Youth podcast “In Ether”

Youth podcast “In Ether”

The project deals with the problem of insufficient media representation of young people in local media and the public and envisages the formation of a team of young reporters who will deal with the production of original media (video and audio) content focused on promoting young people, their successful initiatives in the local community, regarding issues directly related to the improvement of their position in the local community. These contents supposed to be widely distributed in cooperation with local electronic media, which will directly improve the presence of young people in local media and the public, but at this moment, the two main local media (FKMS radio and TV Knjazevacinfo) are closed, so the podcast are published and promoted only through social network.

The innovation is reflected in the fact that the project focuses on the use of short video and audio forms (IGTV, YouTube, Soundcloud, Mixcloud) suitable for wide distribution not only on social networks but also in local electronic media and local info portals. Such short forms are completely adapted to the present moment and the way in which media content is consumed primarily by young people.

Creativity is reflected in the fact that part of the produced media content is a completely new way of consulting young people and involving them in the process of drafting local strategic documents, specifically in the process of drafting the future LAP for young people in the municipality of Knjazevac. All opinions of young people collected during the production of media content will be additionally formulated in writing and presented to the representatives of local self-government in charge of youth issues in the municipality of Knjaževac.

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